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Tips on How to Hire Taxi Service in Mumbai?

Mumbai, also known as the city of dreams, has a lot to offer to its residents. While it seats the luxurious mansions with branded cars of famous Bollywood celebrities, it is also home to many middle and upper-middle-class people.

The latter are mostly seen choosing the cramped and crowded buses and trains as their daily commute to work, or while traveling to other places. Well, worry no more as Yellow Plates services is here to enhance your everyday journey experience at the lowest possible rates.

Our affordable cab services in Mumbai

Speaking of taxi in Mumbai, our mind automatically creates a picture of a bright, yellow ambassador car. However, our Cabs Service in Mumbai is different, in a very good way.

We understand how tough it is for you to travel via jam-packed local transportation services. Going for important meetings or interviews, with infinite creases on your shirt, due to being stuffed between numerous other people in the local transports, might not leave a good impression of you. Or, arriving at parties with your makeup completely ruined due to sweat, from the heat of public buses and trains may immensely embarrass you in front of your friends and relatives.

We at Yellow Plates understand all your troubles and are here to end it once and for all. YellowPlates's charges you a lot lower than the taxis you get for yourself after waiting for quite a long time, under the scorching sun of Mumbai. We offer fully air-conditioned cabs at very reasonable rates to make your Trips Free of Hassle.

Are our cabs in Mumbai safe?

Now, you must be wondering if it is safe to choose our cabs service in Mumbai. Well, it definitely is since we employ our cab drivers after complete identification of their personal information. Besides the obvious driving license check, we also take into account their driving experience.

Our cab drivers are dressed appropriately all the time, greet you warmly upon every meeting and drive in the proper speed, keeping your safety in mind. Our well-mannered drivers are always keen to take your instructions during the trips. Even if you are unsure of the route to your destination, the drivers of Yellow Plates are always there to guide you to the right way.

We are a service provider, and customer satisfaction is our top priority. In order to ensure your safety and comfort, we put great emphasis on the behavior of our employees as they are the ones who come in direct contact with you. All of our trips are navigated by our advanced application system, enabling us to watch each and every move of our drivers.

Due to our drivers having the finest road sense, you can rely on us with full faith as our rides are 100% safe for the customers.

We accepts on the go payments

We, at yellowplates, are aimed at making your life easier than ever. Yes, all Yellow Plates are booked online and even show you the ride fare so that you never have to carry extra money with you. But what if we say that you can book our cabs without carrying any money with you?

It is very much possible because Yellow Plates offer in-app payments that can be done completely online. We have presented you with two payment options. Either digitally or in cash, you pay us as per your choices.

Travel beyond Mumbai with our outstation cabs

Our cabs in Mumbai are not only limited to traveling within the boundaries of it. Yes, you have heard it right. Yellow Plates is ready to travel with you to the different cities of India with its Outstation Taxi Service in Mumbai.

Say no to waiting in long queues for bus and train tickets for intercity travels. Our outstation cabs will take you to whichever city you want to go to. Those days are far gone where you had to purchase bus and train tickets several days before your journey

Our outstation cabs service in Mumbai can be booked quickly with just a few taps on your smartphone.

You must be wondering, why not book cheap flight tickets for intercity travel? You may do so if you can afford it, but why waste extra bucks when our cabs are fully air-conditioned, offer cozy seats and music to keep you entertained. You also get to view the spectacular sceneries our cabs pass by, through the windows, which is far better than staring at the blue void of the sky.

Your journey through our cabs will definitely take longer than flights, but we make sure that it is worthwhile. What is kept in those boring flights where you have to be tied up with a seatbelt and have got nothing to look at, except for the same old instructive emergency handbooks?

Travel across the beautiful cities of India with Yellow Plates. Make sure to bring your friends and family for an amazing, fun-filled journey.

What makes Yellow Plates in Mumbai the best?

We have taken every step for you to admire us. There is absolutely nothing you will not like about our Cabs in Mumbai. We offers spacious seats that provide ultimate levels of comfort, is fully air-conditioned, has a great team of drivers to keep you safe and entertained by playing funky music, dual payment options, and the list goes on and on.

To make things even better, we also offer discount coupons to our regular customers at frequent intervals, adding more value to our already affordable services. We are working hard each and every day to provide you with the top-class cabs service in Mumbai. We are also open for any kind of feedback that you give for us to improve and cater to your desired rides.

After every ride, you get to rate our drivers and write about how we can make ourselves better. Taking all of that into account, we leave it entirely up to you to decide if we are worthy of being a means of your daily trips. You matter the most to us, and we are in service only because of you.